Chiropractic Exam

Chiropractic Exam

Your first visit includes a complete orthopedic and neurological exam and x-rays or MRI, if needed. X-ray services are provided by Broadway Urgent Care located in the office. Any specialized imaging is generally ordered through Advanced Radiology, Boone Hospital, or MU outpatient imaging.


Your first visit as a new patient includes a comprehensive health consultation with the doctor to review your current and past health history. The doctor will compile a diagnosis and treatment plan using this information along with the information from your orthopedic and neurological exam and x-rays.


Each individual treatment room has a table designed especially for your chiropractic treatment. The treatment methods may include adjusting your back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet or other areas of your body, stretching or muscle work. You may also receive ice treatment, activity training, specialized exercises, and electrical muscle stimulation depending on your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Feel Better

When you’re not feeling well due to an accident, injury, long term pain or stress, chiropractic can help you recover faster. Our chiropractic treatment methods focus on solving the underlying causes of your pain and suffering. Safe and pain-free, chiropractic with your body’s natural ability to heal itself.