Work Injuries

On the Job Injuries

Columbia Family Chiropractic is a perfect fit for work injuries of the neck and back. Many case managers like to try physical therapy first, if you have tried traditional management and are still in pain as a result of a work injury we can help. We treat rib injuries, shoulder injuries, as well as neck and back injuries. The chiropractic approach to work related accidents is to get you back to work as quickly as possible, off of medication and out of pain. Dr. Wicks takes a multi-disciplinary approach, combining manipulation, medical management, work hardening exercise, and tailored stretching and strengthening to get you back to work. Often times we are able to get you back to work during the rehab process with only a few modifications. Like every injury, our goal is to restore normal motion. increase flexibility, and restore stability while reducing pain and swelling.

We believe that the key to a quick return to work is communication between your employer, case manager, and the patient. This is the how we prevent future injuries at the workplace.

Missouri worker compensation law allows you to see a chiropractor for treatment of injuries of the neck, back, or ribs as well as repetitive motion injuries. In the state of Missouri your employer has the right to send you to whomever they choose. Please inform your employer that you would like to be seen at Columbia Family Chiropractic prior to your first visit.

Here is a helpful list of things to do when you are injured at work.

1. Notify your employer in writing. Make sure you include the nature of the injury, the location that the injury happened, how and where you were injured, as well as your name and address. Don’t forget that this must be done within thirty days of the injury or you may lose your right to file under worker compensation law.

2. Next you need to ask your employer where they would like you to go to see treatment. Columbia Family Chiropractic is committed to communicating with case managers and employers to insure a quick and cost effective return to work.

Payment for Work Comp services are arranged with the employer or worker compensation insurer of your employer. You will not be charged for services provided in the course of care for a qualified work related injury.